Friday, September 2, 2011

O' Donnell Park

O' Donnell Park is Carmichael's newest park addition. And it sure was welcomed with open arms by my four-year-old! With two playgrounds, a mister, basketball court and tons of grass to run in, this park is definitely on his top ten list.

The favorite? The "roller slide", as he calls it. Imagine a people mover with wheels on the floor to slip and slide around, surrounded by railings to (hopefully!) prevent any wipeouts. Super funny to watch, and super challenging for those above ten (yes, I admit, I did try it was just too tempting!)

I love that there are shade tarps covering the play areas, HUGE trees to rest beneath, and a wonderful walking trail for "adventures".

I learned of this park by accident. I starting seeing these "O'Donnell Park donor" signs posted on lawns and looked it up. Turns out, this park has been in the works for over THIRTY years, according to some of the residents.

Take a look: Adopt a Park Program

I'm so thankful that my children are able to benefit from this decades old park building plan...

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